The Establishing

Al Ansari Specialist Hospital was established in 1996 in Yanbu Al Sinaieah as a small polyclinic with 7 specialized clinics, Laboratory and limited radiological facilities. 

Since day one, our patients experienced distinguished healthcare services that made most of the companies in Yanbu Al Sinaieah chose Al Ansari Polyclinic as favorable healthcare facility for their employees and dependents. 

This success motivated us to extend our patient – focused care to include inpatient medical services, other specialized clinics and upgrade our diagnostic and investigative tools. 

This was done through establishment of Al Ansari specialist hospital in 2001, with 50 beds capacity, equipped with the most modern medical equipment and operated by highly qualified medical and administrative staff Our ambitions never stops, our clients trust in our expertise motivated us to upgrade our services and to add more medical services for which patients are obliged to go to Jeddah or Al Madina.

 The new expansion of our hospital shall include more patient beds, new specialized clinics and new diagnostic and therapeutic tools. 

We have adopted quality as the first choice and we have passed the accreditation process recommended by Central Board of Accreditation for Healthcare Institutions CBAHI and gained the accreditation of UNICEF as A baby friendly Hospital. 

Our Mission

To be providers of high quality patient- focused, cost effective healthcare that is readily accessible and meets the needs of our community..

Our Vision

The vision of Al Ansari Specialist Hospital is to be a leading provider of quality healthcare services, where patients prefer to receive their care, staff likes to work and practice.. 

Our Values

● Assuring an environment of understanding, transparency and honesty.

● Looking for personal and professional growth. 
● Allowing patients to be involved in their care.
● Never giving less quality than patient’s expectation. 
● Serving the community with proper health education.
● Admitting mistakes and learning from experiences. 
● Recognizing patients trust in our skills and expertise. 
● Interested in what is new that will better serve our patients. >