All skin diseases (The dermatology clinics diagnose and treat all diseases affecting the skin, hair and nails) with special interest on the following conditions:

- Cryotherapy and electrotherapy of skin warts

- Vitiligo and psoriasis

- Acne and Rosacea

- Eczema, urticaria and allergic skin disease

- Bullous skin disease

- Connective tissue skin disease

- Pigmentary disorder

- Hair loss and alopecia areata

 Cares for children (newborns through adolescents) with skin disorders and Genetic skin disease

Cosmetic Dermatology

- Management of wrinkles and providing several anti-aging measures

- Botox Injection: rejuvenation, wrinkles and face lift, hyperhidrosis 

- Fillers: rejuvenation wrinkles and face lift

- Treatment of acne scars and pores

Laser Hair Removal

- Tattoo Removal

- Pigmented Laser

- Ablative Laser

- Fractional Laser