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   Patient information
  When being admitted to Al Ansari Specialist Hospital and throughout their entire stay, we want our patients and their relatives to know that the hospital is committed to delivering the highest standards of patient care. For us, the patient is a guest in our organization, and we must do our utmost to respond to his or her specific needs.
  This section of the website provides useful information about your visit or stay with us: :
  Hospital OPD visit
  Admission and discharge
  Insurance and billing process
  Visiting patients
  Important contact persons and numbers
Hospital OPD visit
  The first area, a patient should attend, is the reception area. Receptionist shall help you to process your visit to the designated clinic/medical area. You shall be requested to submit your hospital card, insurance card and your ID if this is your first time to attend our hospital.
  The receptionist will direct you to the OPD waiting areas for males and females.
  Waiting areas are equipped with LCD monitors showing the serial numbers of patients attending clinics. You should choose the waiting area near to your clinic; a nurse will call your no.
as well as your name when your turn is due.
Admission and Discharge
  When your treating physician decide to admit you, the nurse of the clinic will direct you to the admission/discharge office. The clerk at A/D office will request the following documents: :
  Admission request.
  Your ID card.
  Approval of your insurance or company.
  Advance payment if cash.
  The clerk shall ask you to sign a General consent form, and then inpatient nurse shall accompany you to your room. for any questions you can contact ext. 204
  What to bring with you when admitted to Al Ansari Specialist Hospital?
  It is advisable to leave your valuables at home, also bring with you your personal kit ( Teeth brush, comb, towel, clean slipper, ). You are advised to declare your valuables at the nurse station of the ward, keep it in their safe and you will be provided with a receipt.
  What is the discharge procedure?
  Discharge of a patient is done when the treating team is confident about your health condi tion. You have to comply with their opinion, however, refusing their opinion is your choice and you will be asked to sign a discharge against medical advise.
  The discharge process takes about 2 hours starting from doctor's order, your file will be send to accounts for revision and billing. The nurse shall direct you to the A/D office to sign your bill or pay your balance. You shall be also provided with a discharge summary, take home medicine, any special instruction and date of follow up visit.
Insurance and billing process
  Al Ansari Specialist Hospital has contracts with more than 100 companies and medical insurance institutions to provide their employees/Clients with our distinguished medical services. Any non cash patient attend our hospital for treatment should hold a valid insurance card or a referral letter from his company to be provided the necessary treatment. In case of non-emergency admission or some medical services, we need to obtain prior approval from the insurance company/sponsor However, in emergency cases we shall start providing the necessary service/s, and the process of submitting the above mentioned approval is postponed 24 hours or when the condition of the patient is stabilized.
  Cash patient shall be requested to pay 50% of the estimated cost of admission and excluded from that policy is the emergency cases.
Visiting patients
  Patients when admitted for treatment, they are in need for emotional support and assurance. The hospital has designed a time schedule to be visited by family and friends.
  Saturday – Thursday    12:00 – 16:00,   18:00 – 20:00
  Friday 13:00 - 20:00
  ICU From 18:00 – 19:00
  Guests visiting their relative patients are welcomed as their visit will help patient psychologically and improve the recovery period. However, visiting a patient has some guidelines to ensure our patient safety: :
  Visitors are requested to comply with the visiting hours schedule.
  Minimizing the no. of visitors inside the patient's room to 2 persons at a time will help to prevent transmission of infection to the recovering patient.
  Those with respiratory infection are not advised to visit patients.
  Young children are also not advised to be present in patient's room.
  Food & drinks brought from outside the hospital is sometimes not suitable to dietary requirement of the patient.
  The visit should not last more than 15 minutes; the visitors must provide a quite, optimistic atmosphere to their patient.
  Children if present are watched for touching or manipulating patient's medical devices or waste. Kissing the patient is not recommended as it may be a source of infection transmission.
Important contact persons and numbers
    Name   Position   Ext.
  Dr. Kamal Mahmoud   Hospital Director   140
  Dr. A'Hameed Al Zubir   Medical Director   139
  Dr. Nader Awad   OPD and ER Director   126
  Dr. Mohamed  Medhat   Marketing and public relations manager   142
  Dr. Islam Zakaria   Insurance and approval office   239
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