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 Scope of services 
Ambulatroy services
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   Scope of services  
Ambulatiry services :
  Cardiology   Obstetrics and gynecology
  Chest   Psychiatry
  Pediatrics   ENT
  Orthopedics   Ophthalmology
  Gastroentrology   Diabetes
  Urology   Allergy and immunology
  Dermatology   Dentology
  Internal medicine   General check up
  Rheumatology and rehabilitation      
  Cardiology and Vascular consultation   Exercise Stress Test
  ECG (short and long rhythm)   Vascular Ultrasound
  24 hour Holter monitor   Electrical cardio version
  24 hour BP monitor   Cardiac Rehab including smoking cessation
  2D Echocardiogram   Lipid clinic
  Consultation and Examination of Airways
  Full Pulmonary functions tests
  Allergy and Skin testing
  General Pediatrics consultation and in-patient services for acute and chronic illness.
  Care of the sick newborn – Neonatal intensive care.
  Routine infant growth, development monitoring and immunization advice.
  Children endocrine and growth monitoring.
  Child obesity and screening.
  Children respiratory diseases and asthma.
  Orthopedics Trauma Management.
  Joint replacement surgery for hip and knee joints.
  Acute and reparative management of shoulder dislocation.
  Spinal and Disc surgeries.
  Hand surgeries.
  Pediatrics orthopedics.
  Correction of Deformities.
  Management of scoliosis.
  Diagnosis and Management of Digestive Diseases.
  Diagnosis and Management of Liver Diseases.
  Upper GI Endoscopy (Diagnostic & Therapeutic).
  Lower GI Endoscopy ( Diagnostic & Therapeutic).
  Capsule Endoscopy of small bowel.
  Liver Biopsy.
  Urinary Tract Calculus Disease Surgery.
  Pediatric Urology.
  Selected Prostatic Surgery.
  Comprehensive Urodynamic Studies.
  Male Infertility.
  Erectile and sexual dysfunction.
  General Diagnosis of Dermatological Diseases.
  Allergy Diagnostic Testing and Therapy.
  Photodynamic Therapy for Hypo pigmented lesions.
  Cosmetic Dermatology.
  Treatment of Psoriasis and Atopic Dermatitis.
  Screening of Pigmented skin changes.
  Treatment of aged Skin with chemical peels and microdermabrasion.
  Treatment of Extensive Sweating.
  Preventive Dermatology.
  Laser treatment for undesired hair.
Internal medicine
  Comprehensive Diabetes Care.
  Calcium and Mineral Disorders.
  Hormone Disorders.
  Thyroid Gland dysfunction.
  Lipid Disorders.
  Hematological Disorders.
  Acute and Chronic renal impairment.
  Electrolytes imbalance.
  Headaches and Migraines.
  Inflammatory diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, memory loss, Parkinsonism, Cerebellar disorders.
Rheumatology and rehabilitation
  Inflammatory arthritis like Rheumatoid arthritis, gouty arthritis and reactive arthritis.
  Non inflammatory arthritis like osteoarthritis.
  Seronegative arthropathies like ankylosing spondylitis.
  Degenerative joint diseases like disc prolapse, lumbar spondylosis.
  Metabolic bone diseases like Osteoprosis.
  Regional Rheumatic pain syndromes like frozen shoulder, planter faciitis, Tennis elbow.
  Special procedures such as Joint aspiration and local steroid injection.
  Rehabilitation Programs.
Obstetrics and gynecology
  Antenatal care.
  Painless Normal labor.
  Caesarian Section Labor.
  Management of abortion.
  Management of high risk pregnancy.
  Laparoscopic surgeries.
  Infertility unit.
  Gynecological problems.
  The Psychiatry Clinic is concerned with diagnosis and management of psychological disorders that affect both sexes. The clinic guarantees total confidentiality through separate records.
  Diagnosis and management of Depression and Psychological Disorders.
  Management of family problems.
  Management of sleep disorders.
  Management of Children psychological disorders.
  Addiction management.
  Department of ENT comprises 2 clinics run by highly experienced medical staff for patients convenience.
  General ear, nose and throat care with specialization in sinus treatment.
  Treatment of chronic infections of the tonsils, ears and sinuses.
  Hearing evaluation.
  Ear Surgeries.
  Treatment of middle ear disease.
  Correction of deviated septum.
  Alleviation of sinus conditions .
  Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy.
  Department is equipped with all diagnostic tools for assessment of visual disorders, management of eye diseases, routine optical check up.
  Management of eye diseases.
  Optical check up and Correction of refraction error.
  Surgical correction of entropion and extropion.
  Surgical management of glaucoma.
  Surgical management of cataract.
  Squint operations.
  Minor surgical procedures.
  Management of Diabetes.
  Monitoring of diabetes complications.
  Patient education.
Allergy and immunology
  Providing comprehensive care to patients of all ages both children and adults with coughs, itches, wheezes, or sneezes i.e. allergic diseases as well as disorders of the immune system are evaluated and managed. The Clinic performs the following tests and Therapeutics:
  Skin Prick test.
  Patch testing.
  Therapeutic desensitization programs.
  Monitoring response to treatment.
  clinics run by highly specialized males and females dentists and using the most advanced techniques working under strict infection control measures Two.
  Dental Exams.
  Early Childhood Caries Exam.
  Root Canals.
General check up
  The department designs a package of health check up programs suitable for both sexes and different age groups.
  Pre-employment medical check up.
  Annual check up.
  Industrial hazards screening.
  Pre marital check up.
  Specialized programs.
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